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Gopher Advantage™ Table Tennis Packs

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Take advantage of our complete table tennis solutions!

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No more piecing together equipment for your table tennis unit. We put together packs that include everything you need – tables, paddles, balls, and ball bags so outfitting your class is simple!

An All-in-One Solution

We put together these all-in-one packs, complete with table tennis tables and equipment for quick implementation into your class and program.
Choose either our Gopher Advantage 100™ or Gopher Advantage 500™ tables with accompanying paddles and balls based on your class age and abilities. Then select either the Basic or Deluxe Pack based on your class size.

  • Basic Packs include 2 tables, 12 paddles, 144 balls, and 1 ball bag for storage.
  • Deluxe Packs are double the quantity with 4 tables, 24 paddles, 288 balls, and 2 ball bags.

Premium Equipment

Compiled of high-quality, long-lasting items, these packs will withstand heavy, daily use by multiple students. Premium Gopher Advantage™ Tables are a superior design and constructed from the best materials, so you’ve got an advantage when it comes to stability, durability, and mobility.
Both tables are reinforced with extra bracing for wobble-free play, and have a quick-folding frame and smooth-rolling wheels for convenient storage and transport. Scratch-resistant table tops look good and deliver true bounce for years of play!
Get a competition-grade table at an entry-level price in the Advantage 100™. Or get our best table – the Advantage 500™ -- which features an extra-thick table top (1”), legs (2” sq), and apron and frame (2¾” sq), making it our strongest and longest-lasting table.

  • Gopher Advantage 100™ Packs include Gopher Ace™ 1 Star Paddles and Stiga® 1 Star balls. The 1 Star paddles and balls are durable options, designed for beginners.
  • Gopher Advantage 500™ Packs feature Gopher Ace™ 3 Star paddles and Stiga® 3 Star balls, designed for older, more experienced students.

Gopher Advantage™ Table Tennis Pack Options

Gopher Advantage™ Table Tennis Packs are available in 2 models and 2 sizes.

  • Basic Packs. Include enough equipment for 12 players: 2 tables, 12 paddles, 144 table tennis balls, and 1 ball bag.
    •Advantage 100™ Pack
    •Advantage 500™ Pack
  • Deluxe Packs. Include enough equipment for 24 players: 4 tables, 24 paddles, 288 table tennis balls, and 2 ball bags.
    • Advantage 100™ Pack
    • Advantage 500™ Pack

Advantage 100™ Packs include:
Advantage 100™ Tables
Gopher Ace™ 1 Star Paddles
Stiga® 1 Star Balls

Advantage 500™ Packs include:
Advantage 500™ Tables
Gopher Ace™ 3 Star Paddles
Stiga® 3 Star Balls

Both Packs include:
Gopher Ball Bag

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