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Gopher AlterNet™ Table Tennis Barriers

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Instantly create a game of tabletop tennis with the most versatile, convenient barrier on the market!

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These table tennis barriers for tabletops make it easy to turn virtually any flat space into a practice area! No assembly is required to set them up and a flared-base design keeps the barrier in place when it’s set. Made with longevity and durability in mind, these barriers are an economical and budget-friendly choice for schools and institutions.

Instant Action

Turn any flat surface into a game tabletop in seconds by setting down a barrier and choosing your side. There’s no assembly required and no complicated fastening system to keep these barriers in place: a flared-base design means they’ll stay right where you put them. Plus, their tapered design also helps to control balls, sending them back to the player when they hit the barrier, instead of ricocheting them across the room.

Organizational Color Options

Blue options offer an organized, uniform look for teachers setting up barriers for the entire class. Rainbow® Sets of 6 are also available to add further activity options to classes. Set up skills testing stations by color (serving, volleying, shot placement) or match up partners by color to create friendly competition (first to X volleys or last team standing). Color recognition helps to keep kids on task and ready for the next station.

Durable and Lasting

A one-piece, lightweight plastic construction means these are without weak points or flaws when it comes to standing up to institutional wear and tear. Thanks to their design, they’re also protected against tipping over, which prevents undue abuse when it comes to students handling them.

Gopher AlterNet™ Table Tennis Barrier Options

Gopher AlterNet™ Table Tennis Barriers are available Individually or in Sets of 6.

  • Individual, Blue, 30"L x 6"H
  • Blue Set
  • Rainbow® Set