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ClassPlus™ Tabletop Tennis Packs

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Our AlterNet™ Barriers make these the best, most versatile tabletop tennis packs available!

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Engage your entire class in tabletop matches, or set up multiple skill-building stations and have students work on specific aspects of their game. Convenient packs have enough equipment to accommodate 16 or 32 students, and feature net barriers, paddles, balls, and a mesh storage bag.

Cost-Effective Alternatives

Turn virtually any table into a table tennis table with our Gopher AlterNet™ Barriers – durable, one-piece 30”W x 6”H plastic barriers that look and act like a net. Simply place one on the middle of a table and let the playing begin! It’s so simple and versatile – take your games nearly anywhere there’s a table or space for a table.

This is a great alternative to actual tables and nets, which can be very expensive, difficult to store and transport, and a lot of work to setup and takedown.

Class-Wide Solution

In addition to the AlterNet™ Barriers, these packs have Gopher Ace™ 1 Star paddles and Gopher Speedster™ balls so you can jump right into practice and matches. 1 Star paddles are made of a five-ply hardwood and have a sponge backing and a pips-in rubber face. A flared handle provides a contoured grip. Speedster™ balls are built for recreational settings, and will withstand all-day play.

With plenty of paddles and balls, have multiple matches going simultaneously, or organize skill stations and practice serving, forehand shots, back hand shots, and more!

An included XX-Large VersaBag™ Mesh Bag stores all the paddles and balls.
Choose either a 16-Player or 32-Player Pack, whichever best accommodates the needs of your class or program.

ClassPlus™ Tabletop Tennis Pack Options

ClassPlus™ Tabletop Tennis Packs are available in 2 options.