Gopher DuraSpin™ Table Tennis Paddles

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No-peel, pick-proof face with molded plastic construction make these ideal table tennis paddles for students!

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A superb choice for institutional environments, these paddles are designed to stand up to extreme wear and tear of all types. Friendly Rainbow® colors provide instant organization for a variety of activities.

Superior Resilience

Not only will these stand up to every volley and serve, they’ll also fend off picking and peeling that can occur as students absent-mindedly wait for instruction! The molded-in face of these paddles prevents peeling or stripping of the material, to ensure longevity and a superior level of play.

Where competitors’ molded paddles tend to be 100% plastic throughout, Gopher DuraSpin™ Paddles take the quality up a notch. The molded-in, TPR and pips-out face increase overall longevity, while helping students to better aim and execute shots with topspin. The face also helps engrain foundational skills (serving, volleying, shot placement) by absorbing striking impact to slow the game down.

A single-piece design means no construction seams or weak points that prevent paddle degradation over time.

Easy Organization by Color

Six Rainbow® colors set the stage for a variety of organizational elements and activities in PE classes. Teachers can quickly assign specific students to paddle colors to pair partners by skill level, or just to keep track of which student has what paddle.

Colors can be used to designate skills, testing areas, and set up stations—yellow is the serving station, blue focuses on shot placement, green paddles are for volleying, etc. Same-colored paddles can even partner up to play doubles matches or go head-to-head in friendly contests.

Gopher DuraSpin™ Table Tennis Paddle Options

Gopher DuraSpin™ Table Tennis Paddles are available in a Rainbow® Set of 6 or Individually in Blue.

  • Rainbow® Set
  • Individual, Blue