Stiga® 1 Star Table Tennis Balls

Stiga® balls offer industry-leading, name-brand quality.


Designed for superior ball control, this ball is ideal for beginners seeking to build fundamental skills. Forgiving plastic lends itself to slower play, while also offering a strong construction that’s crack-resistant and consistent in its bounce. Orange and white options are available. 

Develop Core Skills

Entry-level players will benefit from the forgiving construction of these Stiga® balls, which are designed to slow down play for skill building. The result is an emphasis on developing and honing the fundamentals of serving, volleying, and striking. Students will have an easier time tracking balls and will be able to learn aiming and stroke power.

The softer construction of these balls also keeps bounces controlled and less erratic, so players can log more time on the tabletop and less time on the ground, searching for stray shots. The shell of the ball will flex to absorb a greater force than harder plastic options, which takes spin off and slows down its velocity.

Available in 2 colors (orange and white), ball tracking is made easy for students no matter the color of the tabletop. Easy-to-spot colors also help eye tracking and improve hand/eye coordination for more organized play.

Durable and Economical

Despite being a softer option, it doesn’t compromise on resilience: a crack-resistant shell extends the lifespan of balls against institutional play.

Measuring 40 mm, these balls meet the ITTF regulation size and weight for table tennis balls, making them a great introductory ball for students who will further develop their skills. Learning with an approved ball puts players on track to bettering themselves within regulated standards.

Stiga® 1 Star Table Tennis Ball Options

Stiga® 1 Star Table Tennis Balls are available in 2 colors in packs of 144.

  • Orange
  • White
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