Stiga® 2 Star Table Tennis Balls

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Stiga® table tennis balls, in an easy-to-see bright color.

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Made for non-match play, these balls are still of a tournament-caliber quality, giving intermediate players a reliable way to hone their skills and better their technique. The firmness of these balls also lends to their longevity, alongside a crack-resistant design. Available in white and yellow options.

Ideal for Intermediate Players

These mid-range Stiga® table tennis balls offer a reliable option for players looking to improve their skills, while still getting the feel and performance from a tournament-quality ball. Faster spins and bigger bounces keep players on their toes during practice and allow them to experiment with different hitting styles and techniques.

A perfect upgrade from the Stiga® 1 Star Table Tennis Balls, with features nearing the superior Stiga® 3 Star Table Tennis Ball options, these balls are a true intermediary step for players seeking balanced practice. Their 40mm ITTF regulation size and weight also help seamlessly bridge the gap between practice and regulated play.

Durable and Economical

Thicker and firmer than other options, these balls are designed to stand up to every hit, volley, and serve and take the beating of rigorous practice sessions. Their crack-resistance and price point combine to present a fantastically economic option for budget-conscious programs.

Stiga® 2 Star Table Tennis Ball Options

Stiga® 2 Star Table Tennis Balls are available in 2 quantities and 2 colors.

  • Quantities
    • Pack of 6
    • Pack of 144
  • Colors
    • Orange
    • White