Stiga® 3 Star Table Tennis Balls

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Our highest-quality bulk table tennis ball option for schools, in both orange and white.

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Fully approved for championship and tournament play by ITTF and USATT, Stiga® 3 Star is a top-tier option that delivers on both performance and quality. The firmness and weight of the ball allow for fast-paced volleying and strategic serving, keeping competition high and players engaged until the last point is scored.

Championship-Caliber Play

Everything makes them ready for league and tournament play, from their 40 mm size to their perfect weight rating. White and orange options are also available, providing hues that are easily visible against any tabletop color. White and orange are also the only colors approved for regulated play by the ITTF and USATT. The firmness and hand-feel of these balls are a welcome prospect for any advanced player stepping up to the table.

Supreme Construction

Stiga® 3 Star are the firmest balls we offer, affording a high-level of playability to students. Super fast serves, lively volleys, and a wide range of spin-controlled shots can be performed with these balls, with bounces that are consistent and predictable resulting every time.

The strength and weight of these balls also lend to their durability, making them perfect for schools and rec leagues. Their approved size and weight mean they can be used for practice by advanced students, as well as in tournaments, giving PE programs versatility from their investment.

Stiga® 3 Star Table Tennis Ball Options

Stiga® 3 Star Table Tennis Balls are available in 2 quantities and 2 colors.

  • Quantities
    • Pack of 6
    • Pack of 144
  • Colors
    • Orange
    • White