Stiga® Premium Clipper Table Tennis Net


Easy-to-install, slip-on Stiga® table tennis net.

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An easy-to-use design and durable, quality construction makes this the ideal replacement net for schools! Designed to fit regulation-sized tables, the entire 72” net system clips into place in seconds to provide superior tautness that won’t compromise under pressure.

Easy to Install and Adjust

The spring-activated clip system is easy enough for even beginners to understand and is safe and easy for players of all ages to set up. The net posts quickly clip onto both sides of the table, with the net sliding easily down on them. Once in place, this net system’s tension adjustment feature allows it to be pulled taut and secured firmly. If misalignments occur mid-game, players will easily be able to readjust, to keep the volleys going.

Rubber grip pads protect the table while the net is in place and also lend stability to the net overall, so that it stays taut and strong, even in the face of ball impacts.

This net also comes with a convenient measuring tool that easily slides across the net to verify a precise height of 6” for regulated matches.

Premium Quality

Made from a premium cotton-blend material, this replacement net for school will easily stand up to instructional wear and tear, filling the role of any net it’s replacing. Thanks to the strength of the woven net fibers, players will see lively rebounds when errant shots catch the net, sending back balls that are too low and adding a depth of playability to those that make it over.

Heavy-duty steel posts provide excellent durability throughout the life of the net, while also standing strong against accidental net bumps or jarring.