Stiga® Tournament Table Tennis Net


USATT-approved Stiga® net for tournament play.

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A tournament-quality net at an economically-friendly price point, this durable option is great for institutions looking to provide a realistic experience for players of all calibers. Easy to set up and adjust, this net stands up to shots without compromising, helping to keep every game going.

Tournament Quality

Designed to meet USATT tournament standards, this 72” net fits perfectly on regulation-sized tables and raises taut to an ideal height of 6”. This emphasis on specific regulation standards means institutions are able to give their players a tournament-caliber experience during each and every match. Its complementary price point makes it a top-notch replacement net for PE class.

Easy to Install and Adjust

Featuring a traditional screw-on attachment system, this net can easily be positioned and secured by a single person. Right-angle metal brackets quickly affix to both sides of the table via a torsion screw underneath the playing surface, with the net itself stretching taut as the posts are secured to the table.

In the event the net starts to sag or loses tautness, it can quickly and easily be readjusted to provide a superior level of play. A cord running through the top of the net can be pulled tight at either side, to restore the tension in a matter of moments. The entire process is easy enough for students to do in-between serves, to keep the game going.

Flexibly Durable

The true superiority of this Stiga® net comes from its heavy-duty cotton blend construction, which offers enough flexibility to absorb the impact of net shots without losing form. A slight amount of “give” slows the velocity of net shots to deaden their impact, without snapping or breaking the fibers, resulting in easily collected balls that won’t be flung off the table.