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Gopher AlterNet™ Table Tennis Barriers
Rainbow® RallyPoint™ Table Tennis Paddles
Gopher DuraSpin™ Table Tennis Paddles
Gopher Speedster™ Table Tennis Balls
Gopher Ace™ 1 Star Table Tennis Paddle
Stiga® 2 Star Table Tennis Balls
Gopher Ace™ 3 Star Table Tennis Paddle
Stiga® 3 Star Table Tennis Balls
Stiga® Premium Clipper Table Tennis Net
Gopher Advantage 500™ Table Tennis Net
Stiga® 1 Star Table Tennis Balls
Gopher Advantage 500™ Table Tennis Table
Gopher Ace™ 2 Star Table Tennis Paddle
Gopher Advantage 100™ Table Tennis Table
Stiga® Aspire Table Tennis Paddle
ClassPlus™ Tabletop Tennis Packs
ClassPlus™ Table Tennis Packs
Gopher Advantage™ Table Tennis Packs
Stiga Retractable Net Set
Stiga® Tournament Table Tennis Net
Stiga® Hardbat™ Table Tennis Paddle
Butterfly Timo Boll CF 2000 Table Tennis Paddle
Stiga® STS 185 Table Tennis Table
Stiga® Table Tennis Cover
Stiga® STS 285 Table Tennis Table
Stiga Emoji 1 Star Table Tennis Balls
Stiga Reflex Table Tennis Paddle
Butterfly® Playback Rollaway Table Tennis Table
Butterfly 3 Star G40+ Table Tennis Balls
Stiga XTR Outdoor Table Tennis Table
Stiga® STS 520 Table Tennis Table
Butterfly Timo Boll 3000 Table Tennis Paddle
Butterfly Logo Tour Paddle Case
Butterfly Paddle Care Kit
Stiga Table Tennis Paddle Cover
Cornilleau® Pro 510 Table Tennis Table
Butterfly® Premium Rollaway Table Tennis Table
Butterfly Table Tennis Table Cleaner
Butterfly Easifold Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Table
Stiga Charger Table Tennis Paddle

Buy top-quality table tennis equipment from Gopher Sport!

Table tennis is a high-action sport that you can easily add to any PE program! It helps improve students' hand-eye coordination and develop quick reflexes. Ping pong equipment takes up a relatively small area and stores easily when not in use, freeing up important floor space for other activities. 

Find the tables and nets you need to provide students with an excellent base for games. The stable, durable, and mobile tables stand up to tough, institutional use.

If you're in need of game supplies, we have that covered too. We offer table tennis balls and paddles for all abilities with a star rating system indicating performance levels. We also have convenient packs with all of the equipment you need to teach your students about table tennis. 

You can count on Gopher for all of your table tennis needs!