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Team Handball is active, fast and fun!

In team handball, every player is constantly moving either to advance the ball, to get open, or to defend. If you're looking for a fun and exciting game that gets kids moving in your physical education, after school or recreation program, team handball is it!

How is team handball played?

Two teams play with seven players (six outfield players and a goalie). Each team tries to score goals against the opposing team by dribbling, passing and throwing the ball into the opposing team's goal.

Choosing the right team handball

For physical education and recreational play, choose a ball the that can be easily held and passed with one hand by the age group of the players. For tournament play, the International Handball Federation stipulates that Men's and Male Youth (over age 16) handballs be 58-60cm circumference (7.3" dia), Women, Female Youth (over age 14) and Male Youth (12 to 16) handballs be 54-56cm circumference (6.9" dia), and Female Youth (ages 8-14) and Male Youth (ages 8-12) be 50-52 cm circumference ( 6.3" dia).

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