ClassPlus™ Racquet and Ball Packs

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Racquets and balls for your entire class complete with compact storage!

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With racquets and balls included in these packs, it’s easy for students to test their hitting, volleying, and serving skills as they attempt to master the basics of tennis. Just add a net and you’ve got everything you need for match play, no matter the skill level—2 packs accommodate different age groups of students. And, thanks to the incredibly durable construction of these racquets, you’ll enjoy years of institutional play.

Test Tennis Skills

When it comes to hitting, volleying, serving, and skills testing, all it takes is a racquet and a ball, which is exactly what these packs provide. Offering 24 racquets and 24 tennis balls, there’s enough to equip your entire class with what they need to have fun and build skills during your tennis unit. It’s never been easier to quickly get your class on-task and keep them there!

Two different age options means outfitting your young players with the equipment that’s ideal and best-suited for their learning level. Having proper equipment is more conducive to grasping the fundamentals of tennis, lending confidence and good habit development to every swing and serve. When skills testing days come around, students will be ready to show off what they’ve learned.

Two Age Group Options

Equating the right equipment to the right age group is essential in building good skills. These packs come in 2 varieties, with both options catering specifically to certain ages. Elementary/Middle School packs are great for students 12 and under, while Jr High/High School packs are best suited for students 12 and over.

  • Elementary/Middle School pack features 24 Gopher Midsize Jr Aluminum Tennis Racquets (25"L) for better handling in younger players. Also included are 24 Gopher Practice Tennis Balls for quality performance.
  • Jr High/High School pack features 24 larger Gopher Oversized Aluminum Tennis Racquets (27”L) with a wide body, reinforced aluminum frame and synthetic-leather grip that allow for exceptional handling. 24 Gopher Pro Tennis Balls offer exceptional playability and superior longevity.

Both packs also include 1 custom RacquetJacket™ Tennis Storage Bags, which conveniently house everything in a compartmentalized and secure fashion, whether you’re transporting them or storing them until next time.

Economical Longevity

Your PE budget is best served by equipment that can stand the test of time and weather institutional abuse. When the time comes to make an investment in your tennis unit, these encompassing packs are the best bang for your buck, simply because they’re built to last and encompassing of your needs. With enough racquets to equip an entire class and balls to keep the action going, there’s incredible return on investment to be had from an investment in ClassPlus™ Racquet and Ball Packs.

ClassPlus™ Racquet and Ball Pack Options

ClassPlus™ Racquet and Ball Packs are available in 2 age-appropriate sizes.

  • Elementary/Middle School, Gopher Midsize Aluminum Racquets, 24”L
  • Jr High/High School. Gopher Oversized Aluminum Racquets, 27”L
  • Both Packs include:
  • 24 tennis balls
  • RacquetJacket™ Storage Bag
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