Dunlop® Academy

Top-quality felt ball, designed specifically for practice.


Practice with flawless tennis balls that mimic match-quality play and give your students the edge in bridging the gap between development and execution. These top quality felt balls are easy to track in motion, leading to better aiming, hitting, and volleying. Ideal for practice, recreational play, and PE classes.


  • Optic Yellow Color
  • For instruction, practice, and machine use
  • Available in cans of 4 or cases of 192


Unlike many practice balls that are factory seconds or subpar in their capabilities, these Dunlop® practice balls were designed to specifically mimic top-quality balls in their form and function. You won’t find any blemishes, abrasions, deformations, or anything else that might hamper their performance! As a result, these balls are going to behave perfectly based on your students’ swing, giving a more accurate representation of their skill progression in practice.

Vibrant Color

Optic yellow felt makes tracking the path of these practice tennis balls easy! The vibrant blur of a quickly hit ball will stand out against the blue or green of a tennis court, and can be seen moving swiftly through the air towards a player. No matter if it’s a quick shot over the net with a hard bounce or a deep shot to the back of the court that stays airborne the entire time, your students will have no difficulty tracking the ball and adjusting themselves to make a great play.

Two Quantity Options

For PE classes and other larger-scale practice situations, a case of 192 bulk practice tennis balls is a great way to keep the action going without having to stop and collect stray shots. For partner practice and individual skills testing, cans of 4 balls will work perfectly to keep volleys fast-paced.

Dunlop® Academy Options

Dunlop® Academy balls are available in 2 quantities.

  • Can of 4
  • Case of 192
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