Dunlop® All-Surface Championship Tennis Balls

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Most affordable game ball made to be a winner on any court.

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Expect consistent performance on any surface as you keep play fast-paced and at a high level! Dunlop® tennis balls have cultivated a superior reputation for long-term playability, meaning consistency over years. This is the most affordable game ball we offer and is USTA and ITF approved for match play!


  • Optic Yellow Color
  • For consistent performance on any surface
  • Available in cans of 3 or cases of 72
  • Approved by the US Tennis Association (USTA) and the International Tennis Federation (ITF)

Superior Longevity

Where other bulk tennis balls might quickly succumb to battering and abuse, losing their consistency over time, these balls will persevere. Durafelt Technology stands up to every hit and bounce without faltering, giving players a feel for control and playability each time they hit the court. Even high-level players with striking shots and rapid returns will enjoy the sustainability of these balls!

Combined with their affordability, the longevity of these bulk tennis balls makes them ideal for PE and recreational play over time. Utilize a case of 72 balls across your entire recreational club or keep a can of 3 handy by the side of the court for friendly games of one-on-one.

Aerodynamic Design

Because Durafelt Technology is so resilient, players can count on balls to also be tremendously aerodynamic when in play. The felt will remain streamlined over time and, backed by a rubberized shell, will prove highly responsive to every hit and bounce during a match.

While balls are streaking back and forth over the net quickly, players will have no trouble seeing the vibrant, optic yellow coloring of the felt. The easy-to-spot nature of the balls will allow for quick adjustments as students track balls through the air, which equates to more accurate hitting and faster play.

Professional Caliber Play

Approved by the USTA and ITF, these balls are the real deal when you’re lining up singles or doubles matches. Quickly organize matches between teams and have confidence that the professional-grade quality of these balls will keep play fast-paced and exciting.

Dunlop® All-Surface Championship Tennis Ball Options

Dunlop® All-Surface Championship Tennis Balls are available in 2 quantities.

  • Can of 3
  • Case of 72
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