Head® Ti Conquest™ Tennis Racquet

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Lightweight with durable O-beam™ design for beginning to mid-level play.

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Utilizing innovative design technologies, this tennis racquet offers supreme stiffness and a lightweight construction that combines power and control seamlessly into a high-end, balanced approach to tennis. An oversized head makes striking easier, with nylon strings to add responsiveness with every shot. This is the most affordable Head® tennis racquet we offer!


  • Oversized Head, Wide Body
  • Titanium-Alloy Frame
  • Synthetic Leather Grip
  • Nylon Strings
  • 27”L, 9.8 oz

Rigid Design, Enhanced Power

The rigidity of a racquet determines how much energy is channeled into a tennis ball being struck—the more rigid the racquet, the more energy delivered in the strike. This racquet employs a Nano Titanium construction to benefit players with extreme rigidity and superior responsiveness in every hit, via Air Wing Technology and Integrated Frame Dampening. As balls are served, volleyed, or smashed over the net, they’ll benefit from a more concentrated energy that enables them to fly stronger and truer, with less power needed behind the swing. This is ideal for younger players!

Also lending power to shots is the oversized racquet head, which enables larger sweet spot and best bounce areas, while simultaneously minimizing the racquet’s dead zone. Nylon strings offer great playability from the ball on every connecting shot without losing tension, helping to make every shot a big one! Even when shots are off-target, the larger head will accommodate them and send them back over the net to keep the game going.

Lightweight Feel, Better Handling

Titanium-alloy is blended with a composite material to keep the overall weight of this Head® tennis racquet low—the entire racquet weighs just 9.8 oz! This means swinging is made easier and less cumbersome on younger students, who may not have as much power behind their mechanics as older or more advanced students. No matter the swing style, aluminum will slice through the air swiftly to deliver a big hit back across the net. With less energy required for proper shots, your students can focus more on their form as they keep the match going.

In addition to being lightweight overall, a synthetic leather grip provides additional maneuverability to players as they handle their racquet. The ergonomic grip allows quick backhands to be made, controlled volleys to be swung, and powerful serves to be hit, ensuring your students are in control at all times!

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