Gopher Midsize Aluminum Tennis Racquet

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A great value in an institutional tennis racquet.

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Control the power and placement of shots easily with these tennis racquets for beginners and teach students good form as they get acclimated with the game. Their lightweight construction, midsized head design, and standard length are perfect for honing the fundamentals of both offense and defense. They’re our most affordable full-sized racquets!


  • Midsized Head, Wide Body
  • Aluminum w/ I-Beam Frame
  • Synthetic Leather Grip
  • Nylon or Steel-Coated Strings
  • 27”L, 12 oz

Balanced Design

Every facet of these tennis racquets was designed with balance and control in mind, to produce more powerful, accurate shots. It all starts with a 27”L aluminum frame that’s more lightweight than steel, lending swiftness and control to players as they learn various swings and handling techniques. From there, a 95 in2 midsized head and 23 mm beam combine to create an opportunity for accuracy in every swing, while also reducing the trampoline effect that can cause off-center shots to bounce erratically.

Synthetic leather on the grip provides enhanced, ergonomic feel that enables control throughout the entire swing. This material also reduces slips and misses when hands become sweaty or in high humidity weather conditions.

Both string choices for these tennis racquets—traditional nylon and steel—offer great longevity, lending further balance to the design. Nylon is responsive to all forms of play and creates a great reaction each time a ball is hit. Coated steel strings are thinner than braided nylon and offer lasting tension, assisting students in improving their skills across years of learning.

Ideal for Intermediate Players

Because these tennis racquets are the perfect marriage of affordability and balance, they make an ideal introductory racquet for middle school and junior high players. Watch as students learn to smash powerful shots by swinging this lightweight racquet swiftly, then teach them to harness that power into control and accuracy thanks to the midsized head! Now, acclimating them with the sweet spot of the head and teaching them the fundamentals of different swing techniques is made simple with this balanced racquet.

Because aluminum is also incredibly resilient against institutional wear, and both nylon and steel strings offer inherent longevity, this racquet is an unparalleled choice for institutional learning. And, sporting our lowest price point, it’s also the most amicable to your PE budget, without sacrificing quality and reliability.

Gopher Midsize Aluminum Tennis Racquet Options

Gopher Midsize Aluminum Tennis Racquets are available in 2 string materials.

  • Nylon
  • Steel
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