Gopher Midsize Junior Aluminum Tennis Racquet (21"L)

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Durable, 21"L racquet is easy for younger users to control!

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Ideal for your youngest tennis players, a midsized head and lightweight aluminum body ensure proper handling as you teach beginner form and basic gameplay. Easy to control, these tennis racquets for beginners also promote exciting playability with nylon strings, sending exuberant shots back over the net. This is the shortest length racquet we offer!


  • Midsized Head, Wide Body
  • Aluminum Frame
  • Synthetic Leather Grip
  • Nylon Strings
  • 21”L, 8 oz

Best for Beginners

Measuring 21”L instead of the traditional 27”L length of most racquets, the non-intimidating size of this beginner tennis racquet is easy for younger students to simply pick up and start using. The ergonomic, synthetic leather grip will feel instantly comfortable in their hand and won’t slip with a sweaty palm or in humid conditions. Moreover, the midsized head is less cumbersome than oversized models and an aluminum frame less daunting than titanium options, improving hand feel and form right out of the gate.

As students learn to serve and volley across the net, the midsized head design with 20 mm beam plays an important role in setting the foundation for learning the nuances of the game. Complete with responsive nylon strings, the 85 in2 face of these racquets promotes accuracy and control, resulting in better shot placement and more comfort by students when practicing mechanics.

Great Handling

Weighing just 8 oz total, swinging forehand and backhand is no problem, even for students as young as 4-6. These short 21”L racquets lack an extensive center stem, meaning the racquet won’t feel as top-heavy for students as they get accustomed to swinging it around. This emphasis on control for younger students translates into a better understanding of good swinging form and mobility on the court.

In addition to great handling on the approach, lightweight design also helps younger students to better channel their limited power into better shots. Students will waste less energy connecting with tennis balls and sending them back over the net, allowing them to maneuver into place to receive the next shot. This unimpeded handling helps quicken game pace and get students acclimated with the cardiovascular aspect of the game, racquet in hand.

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