Gopher Midsize Junior Aluminum Tennis Racquet (23"L)

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Great quality racquet, in a length that's great for ages 6-8!

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Give younger players a chance to practice the fundamentals, while also accommodating their shorter stature with a smaller length junior tennis racquet. Lightweight design and a midsized head promote great handling, with responsive nylon strings adding playability to every shot. This racquet is made specifically for beginners aged 6-8!


  • Midsized Head, Wide Body
  • Aluminum Frame
  • Synthetic Leather Grip
  • Nylon Strings
  • 23”L, 9-1/2 oz

Strong and Lightweight

Don’t let the 9-1/2 oz aluminum construction fool you: this light tennis racquet is made to stand up to institutional wear and tear by beginners ages 6-8. Its 23”L size is slightly smaller than that of a full 27”L racquet, which makes it easy to pick up and swing without resistance. Ideal for teaching younger players the very basic fundamentals, you won’t have to worry about the equipment impeding their ability to learn comfortably.

The lightweight nature of the racquet also allows younger students to get more out of every swing. Less power is required to swing aluminum racquets, resulting in quicker momentum and more inertia behind every connection with the tennis ball—shots will travel further and faster, without straining students. This kind of playability isn’t possible from younger age groups with full-sized racquets or titanium models that require more power behind the approach.

Swift and Accurate Play

Swiftness is key in teaching the game of tennis and it’s a characteristic made possible by the extremely lightweight nature of these junior racquets. Each swing will slice through the air quickly thanks to the shorter shaft length and midsized head, lending agility to the overall gameplay and instilling timing in students. Swift swinging will also open the possibility for more immersion into the game as backhanded shots and serving are introduced to beginners.

Accuracy is important to budding students because it paves the way for better habits and mechanics as experience and proficiency increase. The midsized heads of these racquets affords accuracy to students in the form of better shot placement. The 85 in2 face of the racquet provides an ample hitting surface with an easy-to-gauge sweet spot, while nylon strings promote playability and allow for better aiming. A 22 mm beam design minimizes reverberations as ball and racquet connect, to keep control tight for the student.

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