Gopher Midsize Jr Aluminum Tennis Racquet (25"L)


Quality racquets in a length to get ages 8-12 in full swing!

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One step down from a traditional racquet size, this beginner tennis racquet is made specifically for students aged 8-12. Lightweight, easy to swing, and designed for institutional learning, it’s easy to practice the fundamentals and get a feel for the game. 


  • Midsized Head, Wide Body
  • Aluminum Frame
  • Synthetic Leather Grip
  • Nylon Strings
  • 25”L, 10 oz

Learn the Fundamentals

This beginner tennis racquet provides students with the same shape and feel as a traditional model, with the caveat of being an average of 2 inches shorter and 2 ounces lighter. This slight compromise on size and weight allows younger students—primarily ages 8-12—to get a feel for holding and swinging a racquet as they learn the mechanics of tennis.

When a connection is made, a midsized head and 95 sq in surface area will send shots back over the net with less effort. Nylon strings promote playability on every shot. The 23 mm head beams improve string reverberation for more forgiving shots. At just 10 oz, which is easy for younger, smaller students have better stability and follow-through. The lightweight design also promotes swiftness and accuracy.

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