Gopher Oversized Foam Tennis Balls


Precision-cut high-density foam balls with high bounce.

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Keep the intimidation factor low as you introduce beginners to the game of tennis—this ball is made of foam and is 25% larger than a traditional ball. Extra size is easier to see, handle, and hit, offering true bounce play and response on the court. Optic yellow is easy to see!


  • Optic Yellow Color
  • 3-1/2” dia – 25% larger than regulation balls!
  • Available in a set of 3 balls

Perfect for Beginners

Where the firmness and hand feel of a traditional tennis ball might intimidate younger players, these foam tennis balls bring relief and peace of mind! Foam can be easily palmed and grasped, with enough “give” to show students that there’s no fear of injury as these balls are volleyed back and forth. Precision cutting also leaves these balls seamless and smooth, making them soft to the touch.

Measuring 3-1/2” dia, foam balls are 25% larger than regular tennis balls, giving students a larger target to hit and a less intimidating prospect to volley. The larger ball is great when paired with oversized racquet heads and helps students get a feel for hitting in a way that minimizes shock and maximizes results.

Because the foam construction is uncoated, balls are recommended for use only indoors where surfaces will not damage them. This is ideal for younger players because gym floors and indoor courts offer more predictability and consistency. The optic yellow color of these foam tennis balls is also easily seen against all indoor surfaces.

Great Performance

Despite their foam construction, students can rely on these balls to behave like the real thing when hit! The density of the foam makes for exceptional rebounding and bouncing, with great playability off of both the floor and racquets. Whether serving or volleying, students will enjoy the ability to properly aim and put power behind their shots.

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