Gopher Oversized Jr Aluminum Tennis Racquet

Bigger head in a longer length, designed for ages 8-12.


Teach younger students how to harness power in their hits and keep volleys going for more than just a few shots! Lightweight aluminum and a shorter length offer quickness and stability as players aged 8-12 start to explore the game of tennis and develop their own skills. 


  • Oversized Head, Wide Body
  • Aluminum Frame
  • Synthetic Leather Grip
  • Nylon Strings
  • 25”L, 8 oz

Great Size and Power

Oversized heads offer students an ideal way to boost confidence and excitement in the game of tennis, by providing bigger hits and better distance off every swing. A larger face size means larger sweet spot and best bounce areas, which in turn offer a wider margin of error for students new to the game. For shots that connect on target, getting them back up and over the net is easy with minimal power, which helps to keep volleys going between players or teams.

A shorter length and weight than traditional tennis racquets help students to develop a more powerful approach to their shots as they explore beyond volleying, trying their hand at serving or different shot types, such as backhanding. Less resistance from the racquet means more opportunity to put power into the swing and bigger hits as a result.

Teach Control for Beginners

In teaching power to budding tennis players, it’s also imperative to teach control, which is a core facet of this beginner tennis racquet. A synthetic leather grip enables stability even during quick swings and even when palms are sweaty or conditions are humid. Further, the 25”L of the racquet means a shorter reach and easier maneuverability when adapting to shots.

Nylon strings also invite control into the shot process, creating playability and responsiveness off the ball. 23 mm head beams create more reverberation as shots connect, however this trampoline effect encourages students to pay more attention to where and how they’re striking a ball, to engrain important accuracy techniques and a better understanding of how to control shots.

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