Penn® Extra-Duty Championship Tennis Balls

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America's No. 1 selling ball and the official ball of the USTA.

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Expect only the very best play as you rely on one of the best brands in the world of tennis! These professional-caliber balls offer serious playability and exceptional longevity on the court. This is the highest quality game ball we offer!


  • Optic Yellow Color
  • For long-lasting, hard-court play
  • Available in cans of 3 or cases of 72
  • Approved by the US Tennis Association (USTA) and the International Tennis Federation (ITF)

Pro-Caliber Excellence

Approved for regulation play by USTA and ITF, trust that these Penn® tennis balls will deliver superior performance on the court at all times. Natural rubber controls the shock of even the biggest hits, while a rugged wool fiber exterior stands up to every bounce and smash. Controlled fiber release keeps the texture of each ball consistent for reliable, predictable play. There’s a reason this is America’s number one bestselling tennis ball!

Durable Construction

Not only is the construction of these balls ideal for maintaining consistency during match play, it’s also designed to stand up to rugged play over time. A natural rubber shell takes the impact of big hits without faltering, while the Tex Tech™ felt cover protects the integrity of the ball against the surface of the court and the power of a well-placed racquet swing. Expect years of excellence from your investment in these superior caliber Penn® tennis balls!

Two Quantity Options

An entire case of 72 balls is ideal for multiple matches all being played at once in tournament settings—students won’t have to shag balls that go astray. For singles matches between seasoned players, a can of 3 balls will suffice to ensure play doesn’t have to be stopped to chase down an errant shot.

Penn® Extra-Duty Championship Tennis Ball Options

Penn® Extra-Duty Championship Tennis Balls are available in 2 quantities.

  • Can of 3
  • Case of 72
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