Pressureless Tennis Balls

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Low-bounce, de-pressurized balls for practice and training.

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Slow things down to teach tennis at a basic level and help younger students master the essentials before taking on real tennis balls. Utilizing the same durable materials, these pressureless tennis balls are resilient and easy to play with. Quantities of 12, 72, and 144 give you options for all class sizes!


  • Optic Yellow Color
  • For beginners and machine use
  • Available in quantities of 12 or choose 72 or 144 with a handy mesh ball bag

Slow Things Down

Because there’s no air pressure to absorb the shock of bounces and hits and channel them into velocity, play is dramatically slowed down when these pressureless tennis balls are used on the court. Instead, they rely on the natural reactivity of rubber to bounce, which means actions are kept to a minimum for more controlled play. Even when students connect with big hits and hard smashes, balls will rapidly lose velocity to remain slow-paced and easier to hit.

These balls are ideal for younger students who aren’t ready for the quickness of a full-scale tennis match. The slow-moving speed and optic yellow color of pressureless tennis balls allows them to better track the ball’s flight, to make adjustments and time their swings appropriately. The result is more confidence in playing abilities when these balls are replaced with regular ones.

Durable and Accommodating

Pressureless balls are actually more resilient than traditional tennis balls, despite being made of the same materials! Because there’s less transference of force across a depressurized medium, there’s less wear and tear going into bounces and hits. As a result, you can count on these balls to perform admirably for years as new batches of players use them to hone basic skills.

A rubber shell will absorb the majority of any hits and bounces to remain strong over time, while sturdy felt keeps the shell itself protected against direct contact with surfaces.

Pressureless Tennis Ball Options

Pressureless Tennis Balls are available in 3 quantities.

  • 12 Balls
  • 72 Balls with Bag
  • 144 Balls with Bag
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