QuickStart® 36 Foam Tennis Training Balls


Designed specifically for the QuickStart® Tennis Teaching System, making them perfect for beginners.

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Larger and brighter than traditional tennis balls, students will quickly acclimate to the foam design to become comfortable on the court as they learn the game of tennis. Designed for play on shorter court lengths, it’s easy for players to keep track of these oversized balls on a smaller surface area, building confidence in the game as they go.


  • Red and Yellow Color
  • 2-3/4” dia – 10% larger than regulation balls!
  • Available in a pack of 12 balls

Great for Beginners

Designed for students 8 and under and meant to facilitate a safe, friendly introduction to the game of tennis, QuickStart® tennis balls are a perfect marriage of size, color, and material. Measuring 10% larger than a traditional tennis ball, they’re easier to handle and hit. The vibrant yellow color with red paneling will make itself apparent against any backdrop for easier tracking during play. The foam material provides great reactivity off of hits and bounces, however remains gentle to the touch to build students confidence. All of these great variables make for a ball that’s a perfect introduction for brand new players!

Larger Balls for Shorter Courts

Introducing the game of tennis on a full-sized court can be an intimidating prospect for many students, which is why these balls are meant for use on smaller 36’ courts. A larger ball on a smaller court means less square footage a student has to cover when playing the game, which means volleying and hitting are made immediately easier. Less power is needed to get the ball back over the net, building confidence and excitement in the game for even your youngest beginners.

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