QuickStart® Slow-Bounce Tennis Balls

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Color-coded training balls coordinate with the QuickStart® tennis teaching system.

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QuickStart® tennis balls quickly introduce students to the game in a non-intimidating way, then slowly build them up to proficiency via incremental changes in ball size and density. Have your students start with the 36 Red option, progressing to 60 Orange, then on to 78 Green before they are comfortable enough to pick up a regulation ball!

Three Incremental Options

Helping students progress from brand new beginners to proficient players is as easy as following a step by step, incremental increase in balls through the QuickStart® system! Start with Red and progress up to Green before handling official-sized tennis balls as a seasoned player!

  • 36 balls are 15% larger than a traditional tennis ball, making them much easier to handle and hit, while also appearing non-intimidating to students. Due to a lower inflation ratio, they’re also much slower and offer 75% less bounce, to keep play controlled and comfortable. These balls are meant for students aged 8 and under and are the ideal option on smaller 36’ courts.
  • 60 balls are regulation size, however they’re depressurized to provide 50% less bounce than their traditional counterparts for slower, more accommodating play by younger students. Meant for play on 60’ courts, these QuickStart® tennis balls are best used with students ages 8-10.
  • 78 balls are the highest tier in the QuickStart® series. They’re regulation size and offer 25% less bounce, giving students realistic expectations for play at a slightly lower pace than true tennis balls. Use these on full-sized 78’ courts with confidence to bridge the gap between practice and play for students ages 10+ who are learning the game.

Color and Number Coded

Each incremental level of QuickStart® tennis balls is easily defined by both a color and numeric code. Students will be able to identify basic 36 balls by their Red coloring and “36” marker, 60 balls by their Orange paneling and “60” stamp, and 78 balls by their Green accent and bold “78” numerals.

As students feel their confidence rise and their skills develop, they’ll be able to recognize where they’re at within the QuickStart® system and can select balls that are best fitting to their abilities. When it comes time to pack everything away, cleanup is made easy and organized for the next time.

Cases, Cans, and Buckets

The lowest 36-ball tier of this system is available in a bucket of 60 balls to help you introduce entire classes to the fundamentals of tennis. As they progress further through the system, cans of 3 and cases of 72 balls are also available to help you accommodate groups of students who learn at different rates. Select the number of balls that’s right for your groups and help them bridge the learning gap from one tier to the next quickly.

QuickStart® Slow-Bounce Tennis Ball Options

QuickStart® Slow-Bounce Tennis Balls are available in 3 varieties, in cases, cans, and buckets.

  • 36 Red, Bucket of 60
  • 60 Orange, Can of 3
  • 60 Orange, Case of 72
  • 78 Green, Can of 3
  • 78 Green, Case of 72
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