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RacquetJacket™ Tennis Bag

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Easily store and transport your tennis equipment!

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Stow racquets and balls safely in the same bag and carry them conveniently to the court in this tennis racquet bag. The safe design and compartmentalized construction preserves the integrity of your valuable equipment so it retains its construction over time better. Resistant to moisture and the elements, it’s a great storage and transport bag.

Accommodating Design

If your class size or court location doesn’t warrant the use of an equipment cart, rely on these tennis racquet bags to provide you with a convenient and efficient solution to getting essential equipment to your students. Bags hold up to 12 racquets and 12 balls, which means enough for 12 individual students to practice with, 6 singles matches, or 3 doubles matches all at once!

The design of the bags themselves protects the equipment within them so that it’s not damaged or dented while you’re carrying everything. Three interior compartments house racquets and balls accordingly, which also serves to evenly distribute weight and prevent shifting while the bag is slung over your shoulder. The bag measures 30”L x 12”W x 14”H.

Durable Construction

Made with nylon, you can rely on these tennis racquet bags to stand up to all sorts of institutional wear and tear without succumbing. Condura® nylon can be set down and picked up on virtually any surface without fear of it becoming damaged, including gym floors, asphalt, or even grass. It’s also ideal for long-term storage and will protect your equipment without losing its resilience while in storage.

Storage and Transport

Quickly pack everything you need for the day’s activities into the bag and set off to the court—this bag is compact and portable, minimizing the strain that can come with carrying equipment enough for multiple students. Carry it over your shoulder for longer distances or grip it like a duffel at your side for quick cleanup and takedown.

When it comes time to store your equipment in a closet or shed, this bag doubles as the perfect solution. Instead of unpacking and sorting racquets and balls into other storage housings, simply leave them in the bag for next time without fear that they’re being stored improperly. This bag will keep them safe until the next time!