Gopher Rainbow Midsize Aluminum Tennis Racquets


Our most popular midsize tennis racquet, in Rainbow® colors!

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Give beginner and intermediate tennis players the ability to practice accuracy and aim with a racquet that’s perfectly balanced and accommodating to developing players. Rainbow® colors provide an opportunity for teachers to quickly organize classes and keep students on task. These are our most popular midsized Rainbow® racquets for ages 12 and up!


  • Midsized Head, Wide Body
  • Aluminum with I-Beam Frame
  • Synthetic Leather Grip
  • Nylon Strings
  • 27”L, 12 oz

Teach Control and Handling

There’s tremendous balance to be found between the synthetic leather handle and the midsized head of this 27”L tennis racquet. Ergonomic grip provides comfort and mitigates the risk of slipping when swinging, even with sweaty hands.

The streamlined, midsized head will quickly slice through the air to connect with tennis balls, whether volleying, serving, or smashing, sending them accurately over the net. And, with 95 in2 face and 23 mm head beam size, you can be sure that every shot is going to be an accurate one! Nylon strings offer great playability from the ball and help students to get comfortable with shot placement, rather than power.

Ideal for beginner and intermediate students, teaching control and accuracy is made simple thanks to an aluminum construction and overall 12 oz weight. As students become comfortable with swinging motions and the different areas of the racquet face, they’ll begin to understand the nuances of timing, form, and aim, all of which remain fundamental in the game of tennis.

Great Organization

These tennis racquets come in 6 Rainbow® colors, making it quick and easy for you to set up your lesson and get students involved. Assign specific colors to students to pair them into teams for volleying drills, or set up skills stations to help promote better accuracy, power, and teamwork. Each color offers quick identification for activities, keeping students on task and focused.

Rainbow® tennis racquet are also great for organizing match play tournaments between your students. Have red and blue face off while yellow and green go head to head, with the winners playing orange and purple. Brackets and tournaments are easy to track via color and can help you identify which teams need to practice and which ones are ready for advanced techniques.

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