Gopher Rainbow Oversized Aluminum Tennis Racquets


Durable, oversized head for a bigger sweet spot!

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Give your students the opportunity to put power behind every shot! Oversized racquet heads and a lightweight construction ensure every hit is a good one, especially when it comes to beginners just learning proper form. Rainbow® colors give you the potential to organize the day’s activities and keep students on task. These are our most popular oversized Rainbow® racquets for ages 12 and up!


  • Oversized Head, Wide Body
  • Reinforced Aluminum Frame
  • Synthetic Leather Grip
  • Nylon Strings
  • 27”L, 12 oz

Teach Power and Hitting

The hardest part for many students when learning the game of tennis is being able to channel their swing into a powerful shot that sails over the net swiftly. These tennis racquets provide a wider margin of error thanks to their oversized head design, which means expanded sweet spot and best bounce areas, and a higher chance of striking both on a serve, volley, or smash. In addition, when the connection is made, students will love the velocity and power behind their shots, encouraging them to stay invested in the game!

In addition to the expansive 110 in2 face of the racquet, a 25 mm head beam offers great depth, which in turn lends exuberance to the ball as it’s struck. With minimal force and swiftness behind them, students will be able to create powerful hits that keep games fast-paced and fun.

Even the ergonomic, synthetic leather handle is designed to promote power when hitting. It’ll remain firm in hand, even when palms are sweaty, to give students confidence as they swing strongly at an oncoming serve or volley. A 27”L also offers great reach, for those shots that are just outside of arm’s length!

Great Organization

Rainbow® colors are a great way to keep your entire class on task as they learn the different mechanics of tennis. Have red racquets practice serving, blue racquets work on drop shots, green racquets focus on backhand volleys, and so on. Every color can be represented by a different skill, which enables teachers to track individual student progress and helps students form color associations with the skills they’re learning.

Colored racquets are also a great way to organize brackets for singles and doubles tournaments. Have blue and green face off, with the winner playing the top seed from the red and yellow match—the winner can go on to play purple or orange!

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