Tennis Ball Basket

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The most versatile ball basket system available!

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Gather your tennis balls all in one place to keep classes organized and balls accessible to students. When it comes time to pick them all back up again, carry this basket in tow and make cleanup quick and easy! Durable and designed for ease of use, you’ll see years of loyal service out of this tennis ball basket.

Dual-Use Design

With both standing and carrying modes possible through the innovative design of this tennis ball basket, you can take advantage of both stationary and mobile aspects to facilitate quick cleanup and presentation of your tennis balls!

Stand the unit upright on its folding legs to house an entire basket of balls on a 12”H pedestal. Students will be able to quickly walk by and grab a ball without stopping to bend over or crowding around the basket, extending play times and eliminating time spend getting ready for activities. The legs lock into place to ensure the basket won’t slip or tip, giving you peace of mind wherever you place it.

When the basket is empty or it’s time to clean up before class ends, simply unlock the legs and flip them into an inverted position to turn the stand into a ball hopper! As you come upon a stray tennis ball, just press the basket onto the ball to push it up through the grate and into the basket for seamless cleanup. No bending over required!

Strong and Resilient

Constructed with powder coated steel, you can expect this basket to retain its shape and functionality over the long term, even in the face of institutional wear and tear. The powder coating layer keeps blemishes and abrasions at bay, while also preventing warping or chipping that might endanger the integrity of the entire structure. When stood upright, this superior construction also protects balls and keeps them safe, especially when used outdoors.

Two Size Options

With size options to accommodate 72 or 100 balls at a time, baskets are optimal for group practice and play instances. Position the basket central to multiple courts for the shortest walking distance for new balls, or behind students as they practice hitting at a wall, so that retrieval is made easy at the end of class.

Tennis Ball Basket Options

Tennis Ball Baskets are available in 2 capacities.

  • 72-Ball, 25”L x 15”W x 12”H, 9 lb
  • 100-Ball, 27”L x 16”W x 11”H, 10 lb