Tourna Grip® Pro Pack


Unique tennis racquet overgrip that absorbs moisture!

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Restore or add grip to your tennis racquets for better control and enhanced comfort. This tennis racquet grip is used by the pros and is well known for its longevity, lending stability to your handling and play that translates to improved confidence out on the court. This 2-roll pack can wrap up to 30 racquets.

Enhanced Control

The power of every volley, smash, and serve comes from the grip and swing, which means having an ergonomic, reliable handle on your racquet. This tape provides traction for your hands and prevents sliding as you swing your racquet, thus leading to better accuracy, power, and shot placement each time you wind up for a shot. Used by professional players to ensure control at all times, you’ll see better performance in both offensive and defensive capacities when you can focus on your form, instead of worrying about maintaining your grip!

When sweaty palms or humid conditions become a concern, rely on these tennis grips to soak up the moisture to leave you with nothing short of total control over your racquet!

Restore Racquets

This pack of replacement grip tape is an ideal way to enhance the worn grip on an older racquet or completely replace grips that may be peeling or flaking off. Instead of having to re-grip your entire racquet or buy a brand new model because the grip has been compromised, this quick and sustainable solution represents an economical alternative. Tennis racquet grip can even be used on newer racquets where a more stable grip material is desired!

Easy to Apply

Peel back the roll and start to wind this tape around the handle of your tennis racquet, slowly adding overlap as you work your way down the handle. When you’re done, cut the excess and tuck the tape. You’ll have a brand new grip in no time! This process is so easy it’ll take teachers and equipment managers mere seconds to restore worn grips to a like-new condition.