Wilson Blade Team Tennis Racquets

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Junior tennis racquet that features a larger sweet spot for beginning and advanced players!

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These youth tennis racquets are inspired by the Blade models used by players on tour and are a great choice for younger players. Prestrung with Wilson's nylon 15L strings, it features a larger sweet spot for added power and accuracy. The strong prestrung pattern maintains user-friendliness which helps youth players develop hitting techniques from anywhere on the court. These racquets are constructed with lightweight aluminum and meet USTA's Quickstart specifications for youth tennis.


  • Oversized, Wide Body
  • Titanium-Alloy Frame
  • Nylon Strings

Choose from 2 frame sizes and weights to suit the need of your tennis players:

  • 21"L/7.9 oz
  • 26"L/9.4 oz

Colors and graphics may vary.