Wilson® Burn Pink Team Tennis Racquets

Lightweight, prestrung tennis racquets perfect for beginning players!

The Burn Pink tennis racquets deliver a lightweight, user-friendly feel for beginning youth tennis players of a variety of ages. Its colorful pink paint job pairs well with the cushioned white, perforated grip which provides added control and comfort. These racquets feature an authentic, tour-inspired design that delivers quality performance. Additionally, the aluminum frame design makes this product extremely durable and useable even when the junior player is rough with the racquet.

The aluminum construction delivers a perfect mix of lightweight and maneuverable features for beginning players looking to improve basic techniques. Choose from 4 sizes to accommodate a variety of players: Size 19"L/6.2 oz frame, 21"L/6.9 oz frame, 23"L/7.8 oz frame, and 25"L/7.9 oz frame for ages 9-12. Colors and graphics may vary.


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