Wilson® Energy XL Tennis Racquet

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Super-oversized head and expanded string bed create a bigger sweet spot with more power!

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Utilize a super-oversized head and titanium-alloy frame to maximize the power of your shots! These Wilson® racquets are geared towards bringing the heat and are forgiving of off-center shots in a way that keeps games fast-paced and fun. Incredible durability and affordability make these an institutional favorite for junior high and high school players.


  • Super-Oversized Head, Wide Body
  • Titanium-Alloy V-Matrix Frame
  • Synthetic Leather Grip
  • Nylon Strings
  • 27-1/2”L, 10 oz

Larger Sweet Spot, More Power

Wilson® Energy XL Tennis Racquets are designed with V-Matrix Technology and a V-Lock Bridge, which represent a concave geometry that dramatically improves the responsiveness of the racquet face when striking a tennis ball. The result is a 105 in2 face that offers a substantial sweet spot and mitigated string reverberation, which serves to focus energy into every shot for maximum velocity. Even shots that are off-center will benefit from the concave design, which improves volleying and keeps games going at a higher pace.

Because the braided nylon strings of this racquet are complemented by stop shock sleeves and a tighter 21 mm beam head, overall rigidity is improved. In conjunction with the super-oversized racquet head, this means exceptional power without as much effort required on the part of the player. This is ideal for younger students or beginners, who may not have the strength or agility needed to blast shots across the net.

Measuring in at 27-1/2”L, the extended reach of this racquet also lends control to players. The longer stem provides better leverage when bringing a swing forward, which channels more energy into the head of the tennis racquet and, in turn, more force into the actual hit.

Great for Institutional Play

Titanium-alloy construction is exactly what institutional settings deserve when it comes to longevity and performance. These racquets will stand up to accidental hits with the floor or other racquets, as well as the general abuse that comes with excessive use over time. Their lightweight nature absorbs impact and dissipates it quickly, mitigating catastrophic damages that can render other racquets damaged.

This is also the most affordable Wilson® tennis racquet we offer, which lends exceptional value to PE programs and recreational organizations that demand a trusted level of quality without breaking the bank.

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