Wilson® Extra-Duty Championship Tennis Balls

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High-performance and consistency for hard-court play.

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There’s no better option for consistency and longevity in the face of fast-paced play on hard tennis courts. Designed to weather impact from the court and the racquet, you’ll see exceptional bounce, playability, and speed from these professional-caliber tennis balls. This is the most popular game ball we offer!


  • Optic Yellow Color
  • For consistent, hard-court play
  • Available in cans of 3 or cases of 72

Long Lasting Reliability

Duraweave™ Technology is the secret to the incredible longevity and continued performance of these Wilson® tennis balls, giving them the power to stand up to impacts with hard courts and racquets alike. This special felt construction provides additional cushion to the ball when it meets resistance, which causes better rebounding action and less shock damage to the ball itself. The result is a ball that offers great playability, quickness, and performance throughout the entire match and far beyond it.

Vibrant Coloring

Whether your court is indoor or outdoor, wood or paved, it’s easy to spot the optic yellow blur of these Wilson® tennis balls as they fly back and forth at high speeds. The bright color instantly tells players where the ball its, what its speed is, and what trajectory it’s traveling at, giving them the ability to instantly react to make a big play!

Two Quantity Options

Make use of an entire case if you’re planning on spending time with an automated ball shooter or if you’re teaching an entire class full of students. With 72 balls to a case, you’ll be able to keep the action going without having to pause and go pick up balls or retrieve errant shots. For single matches or station skills testing a can of 3 balls is the perfect amount, ensuring you’ve got backups at the ready.

Wilson® Extra-Duty Championship Tennis Ball Options

Wilson® Extra-Duty Championship Tennis Balls are available in 2 quantities.

  • Can of 3
  • Case of 72
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