Wilson® Federer™ Tennis Racquet

A hard-hitting, lightweight, titanium-alloy racquet.


Wilson® Federer™ is well-known as a superior, name brand solution to providing students with exceptional power and rigidity. Strong construction, a wide body, and an oversized head work together to help students channel better velocity into every swing. This is the highest-end Wilson® racquet we offer, ideal for intermediate to advanced players.


  • Oversized Head, Wide Body
  • Titanium-Alloy Frame
  • Synthetic Leather Grip
  • Nylon Strings
  • 27-1/4”L, 10.4 oz

Larger Size, Better Strength

Measuring 27-1/4”L, this racquet offers a slightly longer reach than standard options, allowing students to volley those shots that might otherwise be just out of their reach. The additional length is supported by an oversized head and when the racquet is swung, the two work together to leverage more power into the connection, creating better bounce and more velocity.

An oversized racquet face—measuring 106 in2 with longer main strings—presents larger sweet spot and best bounce areas, giving your students more of an opportunity to make a quality connection as they seek to serve or return a volleyed shot. Low elasticity and great rigidity means energy is not lost between the swing and the hit, meaning more power is channeled into the ball and less effort is required for those crushing hits!

Nylon strings offer additional playability when it comes to making a great hit. The lightweight, yet taut nature of these strings offers great action as the ball is contacted and, thanks to a 23 mm head beam size, the trampoline effect is only moderate, sending shots zipping over the net.

Superior Brand-Name Quality

Wilson® is a time-tested leader in the world of tennis and the Wilson® Federer™ racquet is widely regarded for its superior power and balanced design. Intermediate and advanced players will love the great hand feel and swiftness as they serve, smash, and volley.

Titanium-alloy construction means the perfect marriage of strength, durability, and lightweight hand feel. The racquet will carve out powerful shots without straining the arms of students, yet is durable enough to stand up to institutional wear and tear, and all of the accidents that can come with learning the game of tennis.

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