Wilson® Practice Tennis Balls

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Championship Wilson® tennis balls for practice and instruction.

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Slight cosmetic imperfections allow you to give your students professional-caliber tennis balls at a fraction of the cost to your PE budget! Enjoy the playability and reactivity of a fine-tuned game ball design and help your students bridge the gap between practice and match play. This is the most popular practice tennis ball we offer!


  • Optic Yellow Color
  • For repetitive drills and exercises
  • Available in cans of 3 or cases of 72

Pro-Caliber Playability

Get all of the amazing benefits of Wilson® Extra-Duty Championship Tennis Balls, without the price tag associated with this high-end option. Rejects off the line—whether due to off-center logos or gnarled fibers—become Wilson® Practice Tennis Balls, giving your students the ability to get a hands-on feel for some of the best balls on the market during practicing and skills testing. These balls will live up to the high expectations of their intended use, allowing your students to truly connect practice to competitive play.

Able to stand up to the consistent repetition of hitting and fielding drills, you can expect the Duraweave™ Technology of these balls to take a beating and keep on delivering speed, reactivity, and overall performance. As students seek to perfect power and accuracy skills, these Wilson® practice tennis balls will complement their efforts to provide confidence-boosting results.

Vibrant Color

Optic yellow fibers allow this ball to be seen clearly no matter what speed it’s traveling at or what trajectory it takes off a bounce or volley. Whether indoors or out, on a paved or wooden court, students will love the ability to quickly spot the ball in play and adjust themselves to make the perfect play on it. This coloring is also ideal for younger players who may require more help in improving their hand-eye coordination.

Two Quantity Options

Choose between cases of 72 balls or cans of 3 balls when it comes to supplying players with the right amount of balls to keep the action going. Cases are ideal for multiple games taking place at once or skills testing with an automated ball shooter. Cans of 3 are enough to provide singles and doubles matches with a few spare balls in case of an errant shot or missed volley.

Wilson® Practice Tennis Ball Options

Wilson® Practice Tennis Balls are available in 2 quantities.

  • Can of 3
  • Case of 72
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