Wilson® Royale™ Tennis System

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Heavy-duty internal-wind net system for tournament or recreational play.

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For the very best net system, designed for a high level of official play, there’s no better solution. These tennis net posts are durable and extremely reliable, with an incredible built-in tension system to ensure they’re always living up to expectations.

For Official Match Play

Made to official standards and designed for tournament play, the 64” posts—weighing 65 lb—make for a superior solution to both match play and practice. These posts are strong and unwavering, making them complementary to the fast-paced play style of high-caliber players in both singles and doubles matches. The 22 lb Wilson® Super Deluxe Pro net also stands up to intense impact from low-flying serves and volleys without compromising.

Superior Tension System

The secret to the superiority of this tennis net system is its great tensioning system and internal winding feature, which serve to create stability and rapid adjustability. Both posts feature position cable hooks and grooved post caps for easy, stable net positioning, as well as a brass pulley post cap on the winder side, keeping users safe and the winding system internal. Making adjustments is quick, easy, and safe for virtually anyone to do.

As the net begins to sag or droop, tension is quickly adjusted via the winder. Students or teachers can give the winder a couple of cranks to readjust the tension to the desired level, with the handle locking into place to preserve the new settings. Tightness can also be let out when it comes time to remove or replace the net.

Incredible Durability

11-gauge steel pipes and 3”dia OD posts come together to form a solid foundation that will accommodate an equally durable Wilson® Super Deluxe Pro net. The entire structure is powder coated for maximum reliability in any conditions, indoor or out. The nature of the zinc coating also gives the structure a polished sheen that lends allure and prestige to your facilities.

Even the net is ruggedly durable, made from 3 mm nylon and featuring a double-layer UV/mold-resistant vinyl headband with quadruple stitching and 5/8” dia fiberglass dowels. Its overall 22 lb weight makes it ideal for the hard-hitting, fast-paced play of official matches and high-level players.

Wilson® Royale™ Tennis System Options

Wilson® Royale™ Tennis Systems are available in 2 varieties.

  • Complete System
  • Deluxe Pro Tennis Net