Wilson® Tour Slam Tennis Racquet

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Offers increased power and stability with reduced vibration for greater control.

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Heavy hand feel, an oversized head, and increased length make this Wilson® racquet ideal for advanced players seeking power and quickness in match play situations. An overall rigid design means power plays are made easier and nylon strings keep ball action high. This is the heaviest non-Gopher racquet we offer.


  • Oversized Head, Wide Body
  • Titanium-Alloy Volcanic Frame
  • Synthetic Leather Grip
  • Nylon Strings
  • 27-1/4”L, 11-1/2 oz

Unparalleled Power and Stability

Less reverberation from the racquet when connection with the ball is made means more energy transferred into the shot—this is the science behind the design of the Tour Slam racquet. Made with proprietary Volcanic Frame Technology, this longer 27-1/4”L Wilson® racquet is geared toward offering advanced players incredible stability and rigidity, resulting in better power and more finessed handling.

An oversized head provides 110 in2 of hitting surface for players to utilize, complemented by nylon strings and stop shock pads, which serve to reduce string vibration without hindering the playability of the ball. The larger hitting area offers a more accommodating sweet spot, which minimizes the chances of dud shots or erratic hits. A 24-1/2 mm head beam allows shots to trampoline off the racquet, which sends them back over the net with more power and spin.

At the opposite end of the racquet a synthetic leather grip provides students with exceptional hand feel and the confidence that comes with control at all times. Even when palms become sweaty, this grip will remain sturdy to offer optimal handling no matter the hit. It also allows students to concentrate their approach and aim shots better, keeping gameplay fast and controlled.

Heavy and Durable

Titanium offers unparalleled durability in the face of institutional tennis practice by multiple users. Unlike lesser racquets, titanium can stand up to all of those accidental floor hits or contact with other racquets when zealous students go for the save—they won’t warp or dent or bend, maintaining consistent play always.

This is also the heaviest non-Gopher racquet we offer, which is great for advanced players seeking to put more power behind their swing. Heavier racquets are harder to set in motion, however when swung by an experienced player they offer excellent velocity that translates into monster hits!

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