Wilson U.S. Open Junior Tennis Racquet (23"L)

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Lightweight titanium-alloy racquets have large sweet spots and shorter lengths for junior players.

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Give students aged 6-8 optimal comfort and control as they learn to expand on the basics of tennis and explore what it means to hit accurately and volley shots across the net. An oversized head, undersized length, and superior construction gives students everything they need to succeed! This is the only Wilson® brand racquet designed for elementary students ages 6-8.


  • Oversized Head, Wide Body
  • Titanium-Alloy Frame
  • Synthetic Leather Grip
  • Nylon Strings
  • 23”L, 6.9 oz

Comfortable Design for Beginners

Young students who feel more comfortable with their equipment are more prone to picking up and sticking with the fundamentals of tennis. This 23”L Wilson® tennis racquet takes the intimidation factor out of learning to hold and handle a racquet—it’s 4” shorter than a standard model and weighs just 6.9 oz! Because it’s so easy to hold and swing, your students will be more apt to learning the basics of this great game.

More than just being sized appropriately, considerations for comfort have also been made to enthuse younger players. A synthetic, padded grip is comfortable in the hand and won’t slip or slide when palms are sweaty. This security equates to confidence as your young players start to explore volleying and serving, where swings tend to be more fast-paced. The grip also serves to soften vibrations when contact with the ball is made, again lowering the intimidation level for new players.

Balance Accuracy and Power

The two variables of every shot in tennis are accuracy and power—both of which are important fundamentals to teach students. This Wilson® tennis racquet offers a great balanced design to help facilitate both! And, thanks to an oversized head, it’s easy for students to understand exactly how to produce the shot they want.

Offering 95 in2 of hitting surface, the oversized head sports larger sweet spot and best bounce areas, while simultaneously minimizing the dead zone. This means that as students become acclimated with swinging their racquets will compensate for off-center shots and excel when good contact is made. A 21 mm head beam also means that the racquet has more depth, which allows shots to be punched at higher speeds with minimal velocity put into the swing.

Nylon strings are great for both accuracy and power, since they offer great tension over time (power) and more “give” upon impact (accuracy). There’s inherent balance in every shot that students will quickly learn to harness, whether they’re looking for that big hit or a well-placed volley.

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