Wilson U.S. Open Junior Tennis Racquet (25"L)


Lightweight titanium-alloy racquets have large sweet spots and shorter lengths for junior players.

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The only tennis racquet Wilson® offers for students aged 8-12, you can introduce students to the fun, fast-paced game of tennis with ease! The smaller design complements younger students, while an oversized head makes contact easier. Titanium-alloy construction and a synthetic grip stand strong against institutional wear over time.


  • Oversized Head, Wide Body
  • Titanium-Alloy Frame
  • Synthetic Leather Grip
  • Nylon Strings
  • 25”L, 7.8 oz

Balanced Introduction to Tennis

Slightly smaller and much lighter than a traditional tennis racquet, younger students aged 8-12 will find it easy to pick up and play with this Wilson® racquet! The 25”L is small enough to properly wield when swinging and serving, while the 7.8 oz weigh offers minimal resistance as players seek to make meaningful impact with the ball. Complemented by a padded, synthetic grip, students will enjoy great comfort at all times during practice and play, with reduced shock and vibration as connections are made.

An oversized racquet head with 95 in2 hitting area makes hitting easy for younger students! The extended face offers a more expansive opportunity to connect with the sweet spot for great shots, while also minimizing the dead zone that might result in duds or erratic hits. A 21 mm head beam adds a slight amount of “give” when balls are hit, allowing more power to be channeled into the shot without as much required on the swing. Nylon strings also create exuberant action off the ball to make every shot a great one!

Institutional Durability

Longevity from PE equipment is always a concern at the beginner level. The titanium construction of these racquets ensures that even in the face of institutional wear and tear by beginner players, the structure and performance of the racquet will not be compromised. Titanium won’t bend, dent, warp, or fracture, giving you the ability to properly teach the fundamentals of the game to beginners for years to come.

Nylon strings are also highly beneficial to longevity in tennis racquets. Braided nylon will retain excellent rigidity over time, to create consistency across shots. Students will be able to accurately observe their hits to determine where they connected with the racquet face and what the effect was, allowing them to grow as their skills increase.

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