Wilson U.S. Open Junior Tennis Racquet (21"L)


Lightweight titanium-alloy racquets have large sweet spots and shorter lengths for younger players.

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Designed for brand new players ages 6 and under, this racquet offers a smaller length and featherweight construction that’s non-intimidating and friendlier for teaching the game to little ones. An oversized head and nylon strings provide the perfect opportunity to teach hitting and shot control. This is the smallest Wilson® brand racquet we offer!


  • Oversized Head, Wide Body
  • Titanium-Alloy Frame
  • Synthetic Leather Grip
  • Nylon Strings
  • 21”L, 6.6 oz

For Your Youngest Players

Trying to teach students ages 6 and under the basics of tennis on a normal-sized 27”L racquet isn’t going to yield results, which is why this 21”L Wilson® tennis racquet is ideal! The shorter overall length is less intimidating to younger students and will feel more comfortable and natural in their hands, leading them to develop a familiarity with the equipment that will translate to success in learning the game. The overall weight of the racquet is just 6.6 oz as well.

Despite being smaller in length, the head of this racquet is purposely kept oversized. Offering 92 in2 of hitting surface, it’s easier for students to swing and make a connection with the ball, to see their results firsthand. Nylon strings promote great playability from the ball as it leaves the racquet, which helps to promote better hitting and livelier play for younger students who might not have the power or agility of older players.

Titanium is the ideal construction for this racquet because it offers an unparalleled level of strength and durability in the face of beginner mistakes. Racquets will stand strong against contact with the floor and other racquets, while also keeping their shape and rigidity for consistent play over time.

Teach Hitting Fundamentals

Because younger students will have no trouble picking up this racquet, it’s ideal for teaching the very basics of hitting. Educate students on the sweet spot, dead zone, and best bounce areas of the racquet face by illustrating them on the oversized head. As students swing to make contact, they’ll be able to see how the ball reacts based on where it was hit from!

Also great for teaching basic hitting is the construction of the head. A 19 mm head beam offers more reaction when hit, producing shots that are lively and easily traceable as they bound back over the net. Nylon strings require less power when it comes to shot performance, allowing students to focus on where they’re making contact, instead of at what velocity they’re swinging with.

A synthetic grip rounds out the balance and control aspects of the racquet to provide young students with great grip and peace of mind as they swing, again allowing them to focus on their form, rather than power.

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