Wilson® Water Remover/Court Cleaner


Your court will be dryer even faster with the largest PVA foam roller on the market!

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When rainfall or moisture impedes your ability to play, this tennis court cleaner quickly absorbs water and gets you back in play! In just a few passes your court will be dry, safe, and ready for a fast-paced match. It’s easy enough for anyone to use!

Efficient Drying

A 36”L roller clears wide swaths of surface as it’s pushed across your court, meaning each side can be cleared of water in just a few minutes, with a few quick passes. Instead of wasting time pushing water around and making new puddles, this tennis court cleaner truly works to get water off of the court, to completely eliminate slipping and sliding hazards.

Made with polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) foam, you can count on this 4” dia roller to stand up resiliently to any number of surfaces, from your tennis court to a gold course green and beyond! Because it squeezes water ahead of the roller unit itself and works to absorb excess, PVA foam is more effective at completely clearing surfaces of water.

Easy to Use

Clearing your tennis court of water has never been easier! All you have to do is push this roller from one side of the court to the other slowly in a straight line to clear it, turning around and making another pass once you reach the other side. As you move down the court with a slight overlap on each pass, you’ll see water instantly disappear as it’s pushed off of the playing surface. Because the only action required is pushing, even younger students can accomplish this task!

Wilson® Water Remover/Court Cleaner Options

Wilson® Water Remover/Court Cleaner is sold with replacement rollers available separately.

  • Court Cleaner
  • 26”L Replacement Roller