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Shop for all-encompassing tennis packs from Gopher Sport to equip the entire PE class with tennis gear!

Stop piecing together equipment for your tennis unit; instead, use our comprehensive packs to provide teachers with all the supplies their students need. Gopher’s complete tennis equipment packs make it easy to teach tennis to your students at any skill level.

All our packs are available in 2 age levels—Elementary/Middle School and Jr. High/High School. This ensures teachers and coaches will find the ideal racquets in the correct sizes for their players. One pack contains enough racquets and balls for up to 24 players, along with storage bags.

If a dedicated net isn’t available at your school or recreation center, check out our packs with portable nets. With at least 4 nets available in each pack, teachers and coaches can set up separate courts to focus on particular skills. For example, players at one court will focus on serving, while players at another will work on their backhand.

Buy enough tennis equipment for the entire class at Gopher!

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