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Tennis Twist Ball Machine
Tennis Tutor

Tennis Tutor

Magic-Net Tennis Set
Wilson EZ Tennis Court Lines
Tennis Fence Trainer

Tennis Fence Trainer

Tennis Turn-a-Score

Tennis Turn-a-Score

REAListic Straight-Tilt Backboard Tennis Trainers
REAListic Dual-Curved Backboard Tennis Trainers
Ace Attack Tennis Serving Machine

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Shop for tennis practice aids from Gopher Sport to efficiently run team and PE class drills!

Encourage skill development with an assortment of tennis practice aids from Gopher!

Tennis ball machines consistently toss balls, giving players a chance to perfect their shots. Machines also allow students to practice by themselves as instructors watch their form from a distance and provide feedback.

Continue working on returning the ball with a backboard tennis trainer. It quickly bounces the ball back to students with a realistic rebound.

Improve aiming skills with pop-up targets on the net. Coaches and teachers can also enhance sight of boundary lines with bright yellow court lines. Don’t have a net? Set one up instantly with a portable net.

Purchase tennis training equipment from Gopher!