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VariHurdle Hurdle
Blazer Custom One-Piece High School Hurdles
Blazer Rocker Hurdle with Brace
Blazer Elite Aluminum Hurdle
Blazer Collegiate Aluminum Hurdle
Adjustable-Height Training Hurdle
VariJump Hurdle
Adjustable-Height Elementary Hurdle
Foam Hurdle Guard

Foam Hurdle Guard

Form Finder Hurdle Trainer
Two-Wheel Hurdle Cart
Universal Hurdle Cart
Hanging Hurdle Cart
Smart Hurdles

Smart Hurdles

Foam Adjustable Hurdle
Smart-Cart Training System
Indoor Starting Blocks
Indoor Starting Block
All Surface Starting Block
Speed Star Starting Block
Olympian Starting Block
Gopher Starting Block
Newton Elite Starting Block
Heavy-Duty Starting Block Cart
Starting Block Cart
UltraFit Training Hurdles
Screamin' Orange Training Hurdles
UltraFit Hercules Training Hurdles
UltraFit Pro Weighted Training Hurdles
UltraFit 2-in-1 Hurdles
Rebound Training Hurdles
Elementary High Jump Pit
Elementary High Jump Package
Intermediate High Jump Package
Competition High Jump Package
High Jump Pits

High Jump Pits

Competition High Jump Pit

Shop for top-of-the-line track and field equipment from Gopher Sport!

Whether it is running the fastest, throwing the farthest, or jumping the highest, it is essential for students and athletes to have high-quality and dependable track and field supplies.

From the best athletes to beginners, teachers and coaches will find everything they need for classes, training, and competitive meets. Gopher offers an expanded assortment of starting blocks and hurdles for students focused on running events. We also have equipment ready for competition and training for shot put, discus, javelin, pole vault, and high jump.

Get all the equipment your school needs for the track and field season at Gopher!