Blazer® Custom Open-Base High School Hurdle


Our best custom hurdle is competition-quality, meets high school federation rules, and stacks for convenient storage.

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Each of these Blazer track hurdles features durable aluminum construction with a sturdy plastic crossbar. Order uprights in your choice of school colors.

Open-Base Design

The U-Shaped open base design gives this hurdle some advantages over traditional hurdles. It’s easier to stack and store, easier to carry, and will never get in the way when adjusted for plyometric exercises.

High School or College

The crossbar can be set to any of the 5 standard heights for high school or college competition: 30”, 33”, 36”, 39”, and 42”. The hurdle meets all high school pullover specifications for all heights, and all high school federation regulations, meaning it can be used in official high school competitions.

Durable Construction

Every piece of this hurdle is made with different materials. The base is a reinforced steel, which provides the much-needed toughness for long-lasting usage at high levels. The risers are made of aluminum to help keep the hurdle light. Each of these risers can also be customized with 10 different colors so you can match your school’s color scheme. Finally, the crossbar is a durable plastic that can withstand being struck over and over again.

Overall, the hurdle weighs 31 lb, making it a heavy-duty option for high school or collegiate use. Specify color on upright.