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Rainbow® EZ Throw™ Beginner Packs

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Introduce students to shot and discus with safe and lightweight EZ Throw™ trainers!

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Give your younger students lightweight alternatives with this shot and discus set. Their soft, flexible material provides additional safety while students learn to throw with control and correct technique.

Introductory Sets

Introduce students to shot put and discus with these safe, lightweight trainers. They are less intimidating for younger students and beginners because they have a soft and flexible design, making them easier to grip.

Two different weights are available for each shot and discus to give multiple options for younger students. The weights are significantly lighter than competition shots and discuses, to help beginners focus on technique rather than distance.

Quality Design

All discuses and shots are made with a soft, flexible PVC, which makes them durable yet easy to grip and throw. Their ease of use makes it easier to learn the proper techniques. Each set of 6 comes with a storage bag to easily fit all materials for simple transportation and storage. The 6 Rainbow® colors make it easy for teachers to color-code groups and stations.

Rainbow® EZ Throw™ Beginner Pack Options

Rainbow® EZ Throw™ Beginner Packs are available in Sets of 6 with shot puts or discuses, in 2 sizes.

  • Shot Put. Includes 1 of each Rainbow® color and a storage bag.
    • 500 g
    • 1 kg
  • Discus. Includes 1 of each Rainbow® color and a storage bag.
    • 500 g
    • 1 kg


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