Rebound™ Training Hurdles

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No more stopping drills or wasting practice and training time to set up downed hurdles!

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These hurdles automatically return to their upright position when knocked down, making them a convenient time saver. Use the 12”H hurdles for agility and speed training, the 24” hurdles for bounding and plyometric training, and the 36”H hurdles for introductory hurdling technique. All options make great track and field equipment for gym class.

Downed Hurdles Stay Up

Teachers and students no longer have to worry about going and setting downed hurdles back up to keep drills running smoothly. The hurdles automatically return to their upright position because of the rounded corners that connect the uprights to the legs. When hit, the hurdles tip forward then roll back into position.

Versatile Sizes

The different sizes of the hurdles are great for various ages. Young users can use the 12” and 24” hurdles either for speed drills or to learn the basics of hurdling. Older students can use the shorter heights for agility and speed drills or plyometrics, then use the 36” hurdles for actual hurdle training. All 3 heights are 24”W, which is narrower than standard hurdles but allows them to take up less space on the track and in storage.

Rebound™ Training Hurdle Options

Rebound™ Training Hurdles are available in 3 heights with a mesh storage bag.

  • 12”H
  • 24”H
  • 36”H