Smart Hurdles™

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Versatility and safety are built into these adjustable and fixed-height hurdles!

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Each of these hurdles range from 6”-42”H for use in a wide variety of training regimens. The three-point base design improves stability on any surface and lessens the athlete’s chance of landing on the hurdle support.

Adapt to Your Workout

Smart Hurdles are designed with athletes, coaches, and Physical Education teachers in mind, as they are versatile enough to adapt to the training needs of any person or group, whether it’s agility workouts or under/over drills. Smart Hurdles improve lateral drills and are great tools to improve everyday functional movements, including squats and leg lifts.

The different sizes of hurdles allow for different ages of students to use the hurdles for different activities. Older students can use all 5 of the hurdles for different exercises, whether it be using the shorter ones for agility and speed or the taller ones for actual hurdling practice. Younger students can use the shorter hurdles for agility or hurdling technique.

Outstanding Design

Each of the hurdles is made of a lightweight, high-impact PVC that adds to their durability, allowing them to withstand being struck and knocked over many times. They feature a three-point base that improves stability on all surfaces and lessens the student’s chance of landing on the hurdle support.

Each hurdle also is able to fold up in the base leg, so they can lie flat for easy storage. This makes transportation a breeze!

Smart Hurdles™ Options

Smart Hurdles™ are available in fixed and adjustable height options.

  • Fixed-Height Smart Hurdles™
    • Smart Hurdle™ #1: 6”H, 20”W, 5 lb
    • Smart Hurdle™ #2: 12”H, 20”W, 6 lb
  • Adjustable Height Smart Hurdles™
    • Smart Hurdle™ #3: 12”-18”H, 30”W, 4 lb 6 oz
    • Smart Hurdle™ #4: 21”-36”H, 36”W, 6 lb
    • Smart Hurdle™ #5: 27”-42”H, 42”W, 8 lb