Streamer Pennants and Posts

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Each 100'L streamer has 48 vinyl flags.

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Get a set of galvanized steel 60”H posts with a ring to hang pennants. These flags are great to designate starting or finish lines.

Multiple Uses

Streamer pennants can be hung to dress up fields or gyms, to mark off paths or areas, or to assist with crowd control. Their colors stand out, making it clear to everyone in the area where they need to be to create paths or where they need to stay away from.

Plastic and Steel

The streamer pennants are made of vinyl, which can withstand the outdoor conditions. The posts are made of a galvanized steel for the ultimate durability.

Streamer ropes stretch out 100’ long, and posts stand 60” high with a convenient ring at the top through which you can loop the pennant rope.

Streamer Pennants and Post Options

Streamer Pennants and Posts are available individually.

  • Streamer, 100’L
  • Individual Post